Mindful Eating

"The chocolate meditation was a wonderful experience! Taking your time and engaging with all your senses when eating a piece of chocolate takes the experience from being one that’s great (because I love chocolate), to a very powerful and deeply nourishing experience. AND the chocolate starts to taste IMMENSE"

This is a mindful eating program I have developed through my experience as a shiatsu therapist and meditation teacher. We cover mindful food preparation, menu planning, using all of the senses and body awareness while eating, body image, and we use physical movement, a little tai chi, qi gong and self-shiatsu massage techniques. This is not a course on nutrition, it is a program to build and improve, perhaps re-build and recover your relationship with your body and food.

"I’ve already learnt a lot in one workshop,
I've found a way into eating mindfully"

Mindful eating workshops are available in Colchester and on group retreats and private retreats in Sicily.

You can also read more about mindful eating on my blog.

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