Shiatsu Massage for Women

"Very attentive and aware, a wonderful experience"

Shiatsu works to re-balance the energy in the body and promote self-healing.

Shiatsu originated in Japan and is based on the same traditional Chinese medicine theory as acupuncture. The massage is done fully clothed on a futon mat on the floor or an exercise ball and uses body weight to apply more or less pressure on the back, shoulders, neck, head, arms, hands, belly, legs and feet.

Shiatsu may help relieve muscular tension, headaches, digestive problems, period pain and stress among other physical and emotional symptoms.

My shiatsu treatments are also suitable for pregnant and postnatal women and I offer birth preparation with shiatsu.


"Great harmony with the breath, good strength, gentle manner."

Sessions last around one hour. Please dress comfortably in loose, natural fibre clothing. During the session you will also learn techniques to use yourself in between treatments and after your course is finished.

shiatsu neck

You can read more testimonials from my clients here.

Shiatsu massage for women is available on group retreats and private retreats in Sicily.

You can read more about shiatsu on my blog.

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