Testimonials from my
students and clients

"During my mum & baby yoga teacher training I gained space for myself to observe and listen to the needs of our students. My development led to respect and honour of our bodies and senses. I felt privileged to witness the growing confidence and joy the mums brought to the class."

"I loved the experience of allowing Clare to lead us through a sacred mindful approach to appreciating chocolate on every level - totally inspiring!"

"We had 5 wonderful days with Clare in Sicily. I wanted to connect with my inner self as I felt lost since I had my baby a year and a half ago. I was just trying to survive the day and completely ignoring my spiritual needs. This week Clare reminded me what life is actually about and how I can focus on the positive things in my life. My little girl and I had fantastic time, there was no pressure, we just did what felt right in the moment. Sicily is a magical place with delicious food and Clare fed us the best of it. I can't wait to go back and live that experience all over again with Clare"

"The yoga workshop I came to on the 2nd January was amazing! Just what was needed after the craziness of Christmas and New Year. It was gorgeous and I felt deeply nourished and energised and set up for the year ahead. Brilliant way to spend the afternoon - it felt like a very much needed treat!"

"Having never even thought about doing yoga before, my first class with Clare put me at my ease. I have found that I have gained strength and that even if I cannot do some of the poses and stretches I never feel made to look foolish or out of place. Clare’s authoritative yet calm and soothing manner has given me tremendous confidence that I’d not thought possible. I feel very comfortable and feel I am learning all the time. I always come away with a refreshed feeling and feel confident and wish to
do more."
Tony Street

"I started coming to Clare’s class when I was going through a very difficult time, having just had a baby and also going through a bereavement. Yoga has given me a breathing space once a week to find time for myself."

"I sleep better on the nights I do a mindfulness
meditation class"

"Clare’s yoga class does wonders for both mind and body! Clare has a very warm and calm aura about her, and I never feel judged or pushed to do anything I don't feel comfortable with! I've learned techniques to help me relax after a stressful day (breathing) and also to help sore muscles. I’d thoroughly recommend any class or activity she's running!"

"Competently executed and in tune with my body."

"Beautiful release of energies that felt stagnant."

"In Sicily I witnessed another way of being, that still enabled things to happen, it allowed me to let go of a lot! The sense of sisterhood that developed between us all was truly beautiful! There is so much about my experience in Sicily that I cannot find words for... it was a truly special and beautiful time in my life that extended long after I got home."

"Clare, you made my retreat experience magical. The venue was beautiful, wonderful views, I loved the staff - so friendly and helpful. Now I'm home I use thoughts of my time on retreat in Sicily to balance me when I need it... I remember your wonderful teachings, the gentle practices of yoga, being kind to yourself and mindful eating, and I live on the hope of returning as soon as I can."

"I was 7 months pregnant when my dad died of Cancer. Clare helped me to grieve his loss and embrace the new life inside me. She allowed me to lean on her and to find my own sense of balance, enabling me to have the most empowering, gentle and wonderful birth experience. My daughter was born at home surrounded by love and excitement and a reassuring sense of continuity. Clare can heal and nurture as well as inspire and teach, one of life’s angels!"

"Clare is an excellent teacher and guide to yoga. She always makes sure that she fully explains each move and ensures that there is no pressure to go beyond what each individual feels comfortable with. Clare will always answer any questions and helps to introduce members to the classic yoga terms as well as the easier to remember phrases for poses. Clare is encouraging, her classes are friendly and as well as the more serious sides of yoga, there is also some fun and I come away with a lovely sense of peace and wellbeing"

"Absolutely fantastic - I didn't know I could relax."

"I have been going to Clare's yoga sessions on Saturday mornings for some time, and it is a great start to the weekend. She is an excellent yoga teacher."

"Clare's retreat is so relaxing and free-spirited! Yoga, excursions, culture, food, wine! If you are looking for a week to relax, unwind, and reconnect with yourself, I highly recommend this experience."

"Our retreat in Sicily was a magical, very special time, it was a real privilege to meet all the wonderful people at Jalari and share their beautiful surroundings."

"Clare is a great teacher who lets me go at my own speed. She is patient and clam and encourages me to try. Even when I feel it is impossible she manages to get me to think positively and push myself a little harder. Her voice is soothing and relaxing and I look forward to each class. It takes the stress out of my working days and whereas once I would have resented getting up early on a Saturday morning I now get up more easily and hate missing a class. My ’mindset’ has changed tremendously, I feel stronger and as if each week I achieve something. Thank you, Clare."
Josephine Kerr

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