Mindfulness Meditation



What is it like to do mindfulness?

There are many interpretations of mindfulness, there are Buddhist traditions, there is stress-reduction mindfulness, self-compassion mindfulness and many more. I believe that mindfulness belongs to everyone, it does not necessarily need to be taught, as it comes naturally to us in times of trauma or great need, and in wonderful times of life too... when we are playing as children, when we fall in love, or when we gaze at a beautiful sky, when we notice the details of what is around us, feel at peace and feel connected to something bigger than ourselves.

From my own experience and through meeting many students, teachers and practitioners, it really helps to be with others to meditate, it gives us something more than we can do alone. But developing a personal practice is essential to mindfulness... no-one can really lead you to that place, it is your own engagement with yourself and the world around you, living beings, nature and things of all kinds that enables you to be in a mindful state of meditation.

My retreats and workshops with mindfulness meditation come from a place of self-compassion and listening to and following the body. There is mindful movement based on qi gong, tai chi and self-shiatsu to help bring the mind's focus to the body and our present experience. We also practise mindfulness by sitting still on the floor, a chair or lying down with cushions. By practising self-compassion, we develop ways of opening to the present moment with kindness towards ourselves as well as others, which tends to change the way we treat ourselves and others in every day life too.

"Since practising mindfulness I find it easier to
prioritise what really matters"

Do I have to sit on the floor?

The most important thing is that you are comfortable and your body is supported, whether that is sitting or lying on the floor, or sitting on a chair.

What should I wear or bring?

Depending on the retreat or workshop, you may need to bring a yoga mat and blanket, please see the details for the event. I recommend wearing soft natural fibre clothing that is free-flowing or easy to stretch in, layers are best, including warm socks or soft slippers, a jumper or shawl. A notepad and pen may be helpful to record your thoughts during or straight after your practice.

What else do your students say about mindfulness?

You can read more testimonials from my students here.

Where can I practise mindfulness with you?

I offer online classes of yoga with mindfulness meditation, details are here.

For a personalised retreat, please have a look at my private retreats in Sicily.

Coming up, I have these workshops and day retreats.

You can also listen to one of my mindfulness meditations on soundcloud.

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