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Teacher Training

"During my mum & baby yoga teacher training I gained space for myself to observe and listen to the needs of our students. My development led to respect and honour of our bodies and senses. I felt privileged to witness the growing confidence and joy the mums brought to the class."

This teacher training and mentoring for yoga, meditation and shiatsu teachers is a flexible program that responds to the needs of each teacher, whether training for the first time or with many years experience.

The program:

I have been teaching yoga, meditation and shiatsu for nearly 20 years and I have experienced many methods of teacher training. It is my passion to encourage, nurture and inspire teachers to develop their talents as unique individuals.

The practices that we work with specifically are self-shiatsu with the extraordinary vessels, classical yoga, yoga for women’s health and compassion-led mindfulness. I will also support you in your existing practices as much as I can from the point of view of your connection with your practice, self-awareness and self-care.

The practice of self-care is fundamental in my courses. In all sessions there is movement, meditation, creativity as well as deep listening in circle and I encourage you to develop your own self-care techniques and habits that serve you as a teacher both in your classroom and in your personal practice.

In the sessions, we train and meet in circle so each person is valued for their presence and is responsible for their contribution to the group and for what they learn. We listen to each other, we listen to what is arising within ourselves and we don't interrupt each other or give feedback unless it is asked for, so that we give each other space to speak without imposing our judgements, and we also give ourselves space to express ourselves authentically.

Each teacher has their own unique way of connecting with and inspiring their students... in sessions where we discuss and practise teaching methods teachers develop, hone and discover their talents and techniques.

Observed teaching practice with real students (so not just practising with other trainees) is really important, so students and I can give trainees feedback in a real class situation. This can be for a single exercise, a part of a class or a whole class. Trainees can also assist me or observe in my class, or ask me to assist or observe them in their class.

In how to manage your business and money we discuss our relationship with money, our expectations and dreams for our business, our abilities at running a business so far (whether our own or somebody else's) and learn what we each need to look out for personally to make our business a success.

Standards of practice and code of ethics are about setting up habits that safeguard both teacher and student in terms of relationship boundaries, providing an appropriate environment, use of language, explanations and advice, record keeping, confidentiality, advertising, contracts and more.

We discuss building relationships with clients, venues, employers and colleagues as central to sustaining ourselves and growing in our work, how to create win-win situations through non-violent communication, self-responsibility and collaboration.

Training and mentoring lasts as long as you need it to and is at your own pace.

Trainees compile their notes with my support into a personal manual with photographs and drawings as a learning tool and a project to complete that is personally satisfying and relevant.

There are weekend group training sessions in Colchester, UK, regular opportunities on retreat in Sicily and one-to-one sessions by Skype.

All trainees and teachers studying with me qualify for insurance that is affordable and covers full professional indemnity and public liability.

To find out more and the next dates for teacher training and mentoring, please get in touch:

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