Private Yoga, Shiatsu
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Retreats in Sicily

"We had 5 wonderful days with Clare in Sicily. I wanted to connect with my inner self as I felt lost since I had my baby a year and a half ago. I was just trying to survive the day and completely ignoring my spiritual needs. This week Clare reminded me what life is actually about and how I can focus on the positive things in my life. My little girl and I had fantastic time, there was no pressure, we just did what felt right in the moment. Sicily is a magical place with delicious food and Clare fed us the best of it. I can't wait to go back and live that experience all over again with Clare"
Sadriye (Mum & Baby Private Retreat, 2016)

If you are looking to get your bearings back... to gaze at the horizon to get the bigger picture of what is happening in your life... if you need a break, where you can give yourself time to listen to your deepest needs... a private retreat for yourself or with your partner, baby, friend or loved one, is a space for you to return to yourself.

I will help you design your own retreat for 4 to 7 days, in volcanic Sicily, by the sparkling beach, or in the cool of the mountains, where you can let the culture and food enchant and nurture you as you practise yoga, meditation, mindful eating, creativity...

"Clare, you made my retreat experience magical. The venue was beautiful, wonderful views, I loved the staff - so friendly and helpful. Now I'm home I use thoughts of my time on retreat in Sicily to balance me when I need it... I remember your wonderful teachings, the gentle practices of yoga, being kind to yourself and mindful eating, and I live on the hope of returning as soon as I can."

You can include shiatsu and reflexology massage in your retreat, excursions, silent practices, barefoot running, Sicilian cooking lessons, traditional weaving skills, music and more... together we will arrange the best location, dates and retreat ingredients for you.

Example retreats:

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